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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Application and Properties of Resorcinol Glue

In their application, the resorcinol and resorcinol/phenol glues are considered to be slightly more sensitive to ambient conditions than many other adhesives; the reason is the previously mentioned tendency to rapid drying-out. In conveniently rapid drying-out of an adhesive creates difficulties in spreading and reduces assembly time.

Cured resorcinol and resorcinol/phenol adhesives are known to withstand exposure that are in fact less detrimental to the glue than to most timbers. As assembly glues for wood they comply with the highest requirements of all specifications, including resistance to boiling water. They have acquired a reputation for making laminated beams and other load bearing structures used in buildings.

In dealing with performance of resorcinol adhesives it is usual to consider glued joints that have been cured at ambient air temperatures. With this in mind the following extract from a report is of interest; 'the durability of well-made phenol/resorcinol, and resorcinol resin glue joints, based on about 16 years experience, appears to be eventually equal to that of hot pressed phenol resin glue joint.

In order to obtain maximum durability in a wood glue component, the use of a preservative treated timber is essential and question of glueability therefore arises. In spite of the different nature of the substances used to impregnate timber, it may be conclude that, with certain qualifications, preservative treated timber can be glued satisfactorily with a resorcinol glue.

The use of resorcinol adhesive is not confined to wood. There is, however, little published information on their behavior with other adherents. Although they have been used for gluing metal, they can't in any way be considered as important metal adhesives. In metal to wood construction they have generally been successful for a number of years a resorcinol glue was used for bonding aluminum alloy sheet to ash framework for the roofs of London buses.