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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Superglue for Cars and Trucks

Many Kind of Plastic Glues:

Superglue can use for cars and trucks parts, but only a small part can use superglue to stick on the interior part of cars or trucks. Only plastic part can stick strong enough use this superglue but for other usage this glue is not recommended. Do you imagine that how about all the car part is use glue not using bolt and rivet, this may happen on cars and trucks toys. Car with high speed is impossible if just use glue on their parts, because with high speed, big vibration will make on the car and some splash of water or oil or even chemicals that stay on the road may come to your cars part and make it corrosive and make damage to the part. If only glue on the part to stick together usually will loose very soon. Superglue just may use of car and truck toys but for real car it is only use in small area.

Glue for many toys like, cars and truck can use superglue, this toys may just for display only, for toys that can run fast, glue also sometime failure and loose their strength. For toys many glue can use like Superglue, power glue or other kind of plastic glue. Be careful on using this glue, you better use goggles to avoid any splash of glue to your eyes, and use rubber hands clove to avoid any glue to stick to your hand because it is can peeled up your skin if stick to your hand. There are many kind of plastic glue can use for cars and trucks toys or other toys you have. For recommended plastic glue can see on the picture below:

Plastic Glue
Plastic Glue

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

3M Mounting Double Tape

3M double tape have many purpose for use, like 3M mounting tape can use to stick wood, glass or steel. 3M double tape mounting tape type 3810, a clear double sided tape acrylic foam tape for glass, metal, polycarbonate and other indor and outdoor use. Type 3810 have maximum bonding strength, this tape have thickness 1 mm width 10 mm and long 3 m per roll.

3M Mounting double Tape

Other trade mark of indoor mounting tape is Scotch Indoor Mounting tape. This tape can make easier and beuaty organize, make work easier and faster. If you want to make wall gallery or affixing of family chore chart, you can use with permanent double sided tape that have a strong bond every time. You can work easily and need less time without nails or hammer.

3M Scotch mounting tape
3M Scotch Mounting Tape

Other type of double tape for mounting tape are 3M Scotch 114/DC, this tape is design for heavy dury mounting tape, width 1 inch and length 50 inch. This tape can be applied for several uses of 3M double tape such as follows:

  • Wall mount kitchen or bath room accessories, picture or decorations on most clean, dry smooth walls.
  • Work on many surfaces that are already cleaned, dry and smooth.
  • This tape have great to replace screw function, nails or bolts.
  • Dimension use width 1 inch with length 50 inch.

Example of use 3M mounting tape Scotch:

Use mounting tape
Use 3M Scotch Mounting Tape

bounding glass to wood
Bounding Glass to Wood
Bounding Steel to Steel
Example use bonding steel to steel
Bonding wood cover
Bonding Wood Cover

Other kind of 3M double tape: 3M double tape waterproof

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Epoxy Adhesive as Steel Glue

Epoxy adhesive can be applied in many thing, use in metal or in plastic. Epoxy compounds are designed withstand to exposure and hostile environmental condition. This adhesive can be applied in craft, automobile, optical, medical, chemical process, electronics and many other industries. Some epoxy adhesive products can be formulated to meet specific application requirements.

Epoxy Adhesive as Steel Glue can available in two kind product system:

  • One component epoxy glue
  • Two component epoxy glue

Epoxy Steel glue one component have latent curing to make this glue can be kept in tube or in other kind of packing. This steel glue already mixed with hardener but by adding some solvent for this mixing make this mixing are not reacted. After the solvent is vapor epoxy resin and hardener will react as usual become hard compound use as steel glue. Steel glue in one component is more simple to use, no need to formulate first or mixing first. Steel glue in one component can be provide in liquid, paste, and solid forms. Curing system of this steel glue may use UV or heat curing system to make steel glue meet the static composite.

The use of one component steel glue system

Steel glue one component can be applied in aircraft, electronic, medical, electrical, automotive and optical industries. Steel glue in liquid and packing using tube can be used easily to glueing electronic part or in confined place. After gluing material using steel glue singgle component some treatment need to do in order make curing of steel glue work.

  • Mostly one component steel glue need heating at temperature 125 to 150 oC to make the solvent vaporized then to cure the epoxy resin.
  • Other type of steel glue can be cured at lower temperature to cure (80 – 100 oC), for this process need to read on the procedure of steel glue to use.
  • For B-stage epoxy system, steel glue can beginning to cure at room temperatures and fully cured at higher temperature.
  • Some product need UV light curing epoxies, the reaction is activated by a suitable light source at the proper intensity and wavelength.

Two component Epoxy Adhesive as Steel Glue

Two component of epoxy steel glue contain of resin part and epoxy hardener part, this two part must be formulated to make a single mixture then use to glue steel you want to. This two component epoxy steel glue can be applied in mechanical, thermal, optical and electrical purpose. Mixed ratio of resin and hardener can differ, depend on how fast you want to cure, at ambient temperature or at elevated temperature for faster cured.

The Advantage of Two component steel glue

  • Resistance to abrasion and shock
  • Ability to withstand at thermal cycling
  • Fast cured at ambient temperature
  • Gap filling capability
  • Exceptional adhesion to similar and dissimilar substrates
  • Uniform stress distribution
  • Long term durability
  • Easy application
  • Solvent free formulation
  • Dimensional stability
Other kind of Steel Glue:

Sunday, November 19, 2017

3M Double Tape Waterproof

Double tape waterproof can be made in 1mm thick takes up any surface mismatch or the effects of differential expansion. Produces a strong waterproof bond on most surfaces. All acrylic construction gives 3M VHB RP extraordinary strength, conformability and versatility. The composition of 3M VHB RP resists UV and weather damage, making it a great solution for outdoor applications. Produce by Viking Industrial.
Viking Double Tape Waterproof
Viking Double Tape Waterproof

3M double tape water proof there are produced in many country. This tape is 3M rubber adhesive tape waterproof made from China. The general precaution of using this adhesive tape as follows:

The 3M-J20 series is made by Shanghai Richeng Electronic Co., Ltd. This adhesive tape is water-resistant made from rubber. This adhesive tape can use for cable insulation. The series comes with 10 KV cable insulation protection, low stress intermediate connector and terminal sheath restored. Primarily, it can be applied for music fountain, power waterproof seal, and others.

Adhesive tape made in Shanghai

Other type of adhesive tape waterproof is Elotene Tubi130 butyl Tape is self-adhesive tools, engineered out of LDPE Polyethylene materials. They are made from balanced, slightly contracting film components, covered by adhesive butyl compounds.

The tools are utilized for applications that involve anti-corrosive and dielectric lining protocols of underground pipes. This results in pipe joint safeguarding parameters, and membrane joint sealing/bonding.

Butyl Rubber adhesive tape
Butyl Rubber adhesive tape

Other kind of adhesive tape waterproof are butyl rubber adhesive tape, butyl rubber tape is made from butylene rubber is a self-adhesive sealing tape consisting of a butyl rubber adhesive compound, protected by a reinforced aluminum foil with a synthetic net. Butylene rubber tape has been designed and developed to be applied as a vapor barrier in HVAC industry. This rubber tape is stand to low temperature and can use to all common material in a HVAC industry.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Many Kind Double Tape Trade Mark

There are many trade mark of double sided tape sold in the market. There are many quality about this double tape, and also sell in different price. For you that only use this double tape for home may no problem if use just small quantity but for many service company use this double tape for many purpose to help their work.

Some product trade mark and the price that sell on online shop in Indonesia possible to use of this double tape as follows:

Monotaro Double sided tape for genertal use: Price Rp. 15.900
Double tape Nachi 0.5 ich/12 mm x 10 Yard: Price Rp. 2.200
Double tape for paper Sazanami: Price Rp. 67.000
Double tape for paper Sazanami, 12 mm x 8 m: Price Rp. 1500
Double Tape for paper Sazanami 12 m: Price Rp. 47.000
Double tape 3M, 18 mm x 25 m: Price Rp. 140000
Double tape Nippon NT Foam PE: Price Rp. 7800
Double tape 3M VHB 1 roll 12 mm: Price Rp. 33000

Some Double tape trade mark that sold in Ebay online shop:
3M Double Tape: 4’’ x 8” per pack, price $3.99
3M Double Tape: 1/4 “ (6 mm), 6 ft long: Price $6.08
3M Double Tape: 1/2" (12 mm); Price $ 8.99
3M Double tape for paper 3 rolls: Price $6.99
3M Double tape 1” x 9 ft long: Price $10.95
Scoth Double tape, 5” x 250”: Price $4.28
Scoth Double sided tape 5 x 250 in: Price $11.50
Scoth Double sided tape 1/2“ x 500” – 6 rolls: Price $ 14.09
Double Sided Tape, made of Michigan, 2 in wide x 33 ft long, new trade mark, 2 rolls: Price $5.65
25M Red Film Transparent Double sided sticky adhesive tape for cell phone repair: Price $6.20
Genuine 3M VHB clear double sided tape 1/4 “, 5/16”, 7/16”, 1/2 “, 1”, 1.5”, 2 “ combine: Price $4.99