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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Polyester Adhesive

Polyester can build into yarn or turn to adhesive product, this adhesive good for gluing many kind of plastics but better if glue polyester plastic.

Worthen and SK Chemicals provide strong, experienced technical and sales support. Based on customer requirements, our staff can recommend standard grades for evaluation or work closely with our customers' engineering staffs to design new products to optimize performance.

These resins, solutions, and formulated systems find application in a diverse range of markets, some of which are listed below:
  • Film lamination for food/medical packaging, cable wrap, industrial applications
  • Textile lamination for apparel, industrial, automotive applications
  • Peel-able lid stock
  • Inks/lacquers/primers for labels, electronic touch pads, can/coil coatings
  • Wire/fiber/yarn coating using hot melts
  • Flat flexible cable bonding
  • Air, oil, and fuel filter manufacture
  • Abrasives and signage manufacture
  • Web and film adhesives for a variety of applications, including automotive head and hood liners, apparel, and other porous substrate and scrim lamination 
  • For usual plastic we can use power glue or superglue