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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nylon As Adhesive

We may have known and often hear that nylon use on textile industry as dress and cloth material, but actually nylons is a polymer or resin that can be used in many application like for fiber and also can be used as adhesive.

The types of nylon in common use as fibers are made from a straight chain diamine and a straight chain dicarboxylic acid. A nylon "salt" is the first product of the reaction; this polymerizes through a condensation reaction to form a linier macromolecule - a superpolyamide such as thermoplastic fiber known sumply as "Nylon".

This nylon homopolymers in their unsubtituted form are not soluble in common organic solvents; they are soluble chiefly in phenol and some organic acids, and therefore do not make adhesive solutions that are very convenient to use. On the other hand some subtituted nylons and some copolymers of unsubtituted nylon are soluble in certain alcohols and in alcohol/water mixtures.

Nylon can use by themselves as hot melt adhesives, the nylons are capable of giving fair adhesion to metal and avariety of other materials including wood.