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Monday, May 9, 2011

Silicone Adhesive

Silicones glue are famous as adhesives, so it is rather surprising to learn of the extreme tackiness of certain types and to see them described as almost literally the stickies materials known, even adhering to PTFE under water. The remark applies to certain pressure sensitive silicone adhesive - a class of adhesives, the silicone resin have an important part chiefly in bonding silicone rubber. Like the rubber themselves, the adhesives are based largely on dimethyl siloxane polymers. Forms are available that are capable of curing at room temperature and which will, with the aid of a special primer, bend to many metals, ceramics and plastics.

Among patents that have been granted on the use of silicones as adhesives, one is of special interest in that it relates to the to the forming of a printed circuit by pressing the circuit into the silicone compound known as bouncing putty and bonding it in place by means of a dimethylpolysiloxane cement free of curing agents.

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