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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tile Adhesive

Tile adhesive is a cement based multi-purpose tile adhesive containing POLYMERIC BINDER, giving an extra strong bonding ability, practical and ready to use by just adding water.

Tile Adhesive for roof is a portable, one-component polyurethane foam adhesive for attaching concrete and clay roof tiles to a roof deck. With its easy-to-use, self-contained dispensing equipment, Tile Adhesive can be quickly and consistently dispensed, eliminating the need for expensive equipment and problematic ratio and calibration issues typical in two-component systems.

Tile Adhesive is designed for use with low/flat, medium, high and two-piece barrel profiles of roof tile in new, re-roof and specialty applications when applied to a pre-approved under laymen. It is ideal for patch and repair as well for specialty applications like hip and ridge, rake and valley, and field and eave installations.

Tile Adhesive reduces installation time and labour costs compared to traditional attachment methods such as screws, mortar, wire ties and clips. It also provides greater attachment strength while minimizing nail penetrations and reducing roof weight loads.

The Advantage of using Tile Adhesive
Prevents tiles from exploding or popping up
Perfect bonding without entrapment of air
Vibration resistant at locations near heavy-load traffic
Practical. Formula ready for application, saves time and labour

Tile Adhesive can use for several application:
Exterior and interior
Dry and wet
For floors and walls

Types of Tile adhesives:
Homogeneous tiles (water absorbency < 0,5 %) Ceramic tiles (water absorbency > 6%)
Natural stones
Marble and granite
For wall application, note heights and tile sizes (stone, marble, granite, mosaic)

Many kind of tile adhesive form:
Concrete, plaster and tile on tile