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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Epoxy Resin Hardeners

Epoxy resin will cured with high strength plastic soiled at room temperatures, by mixing specific proportions of liquid epoxy resin and hardener. Highly moisture resistant plastic adheres to a wide range of materials, and this properties ideal for projects that required water and chemical resistance and strong physical properties and structural bonding.

The strength of this adhesive depend the kind of hardener use, better hardener and suit composition will get best strength and good physical properties after curing. Type of hardener for Epoxy resin like HN-2200, HN-2000, HN-5500 and MHAC.

Alicyclic acid anhydride type have less toxicity, a longer pot life and lower exothermic characteristics in comparison with amine type hardeners. Applications of these epoxy resin hardeners extend to casting, impregnation, lamination and many others.

How to use:
- Liquid hardeners easy to mix with epoxy resins
- Less toxicity than amine type hardeners
- Epoxy resin compounds available a long pot life
- Cured epocy resin compounds available excellent heat resistance by being cured with MHA.

Sample product of Epoxy Resin and the hardener as follows:

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