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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ethyl Silicate Resin Inorganic Zinc Rich Primer

Application of silicate Resin like on Nippe Zinky 1000 which is a rust preventive inorganic zinc rich shop of ethyl silicate type, which contains metallic zinc in high concentration (more than 90% by weight in dried film) and its film is 100% inorganic formation, thereby it prevents rust in the neighborhood of flames or pintholes of the paint film by galvanic action, or by reacting with iron and eventually permitting zinc to corrode preferentially to protect underlying steel. The composed inorganic substance result in the excellent characteristics such as oil resistance, thermal resistance, water resistance etc. Nippe Zinky 1000 is widely used as a shop primer for new plates of industrical and shipbuilding use pretreated in steel works and shipyards.

Texture and Color                        : Flat, light grey
Specific Gravity (20oC)                : 2.2
Nonvolatile (%)                            : 89% by weight
Flash Point                                   : 27 oC
Post life                                        : 8 hours at 30oC after mixing
Application Method                      : Airless spray, brush
Coverage theoretical                     : 0.108 lt/m2
                Practical                       : 0.18 lt/m2 (brush)
                                                    : 0.20 lt/m2 (Airless Spray)
Recommended Dry Film Thickness: 15 - 20 micron
Drying Time (30oC)
    Set to touch                              : 15 minutes
    Dry hard                                   : 1  hour
Interval before overcoating (30oC): Min 48 hours, Max 6 months
Dilution Ratio                                :  0 - 10 % (brush)
                                                     : 0 - 5 % (Airless Spray)
Dilution Thinner                             :  Nippe Zinky 1500 Thinner
Surface Preparation                       :  Best cleaning (SSPC-SP 10, SIS Sa 21/2
                                                       Preferably SSPC - SP 5/SIS Sa 3.

Supplied in separate container as Powder and Base
Standard Packing: 5 kg, 20 kg

Mixing Ratio:
Base: Catalyst = 3 : 1 by volume

Other application: