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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Polyvinyl Butyral & Phenolic Resin Shop Primer

The primer formula of polyvinyl butyral & phenolic resin also used in Vinilex 120 Active Primer that is based on special phenolic and butyral resin, anti-corrosive (zinc chromate) pigment and phosphoric acid as catalyst. It is a conventianal etching primer in twin pack composition (base and catalyst) having good weather and solvent resistance. Adhesion to metal surfaces and subsequent paint, and anti-corrosion is good enough to be widely used as a wash primer of long exposure type for new plates pretreated in steel works and shipyards.

Texture and Color                        : Flat Dark Green
Specific Gravity (20oC)                : 0.92
Nonvolatile (%)                            : 19% by weight
Flash Point                                   : 4 oC
Post life                                        : 8 hours at 30oC after mixing
Application Method                      : Airless spray, brush
Coverage theoretical                     : 0.08 lt/m2
                Practical                       : 0.11 lt/m2 (brush)
                                                    : 0.14 lt/m2 (Airless Spray)
Recommended Dry Film Thickness: 10 - 15 micron
Drying Time (30oC)
    Set to touch                              : 3 minutes
    Dry hard                                   : 10 minutes
Interval before overcoating (30oC): Min 24 hours, Max 3 months
Dilution Ratio                                : 5 - 10 % (brush)
                                                     : 0 - 5 % (Airless Spray)
Dilution Thinner                             : Vinilex Active Primer Thinner
Surface Preparation                       : For galvanized iron sheet use solvent cleaning

Supplied in separate container as Base and Catalyst
Standard Packing: 5 lt, 20 lt

Mixing Ratio:
Base: Catalyst = 4 : 1 by volume

Other application: