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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Type of Polyvinyl Butyral Resin Wash Primer

Polyvinyl butyral resin is used like on Vinilex 110 Active Primer that is based on butyral resin, anti corrosive (zinc chromate) pigment and phosphoric acid as a catalyst. It is a conventional etching primer in twin pack composition (base and catalyst) having good weather and solvent resistance. Adhesion to metal surfaces and subsequent paint, and anti - corrosion is good enough to be widely used as a wash primer of short exposure type for new plates pretreated in nonferrous metal, such as aluminum.

Texture and Color: Flat, Lemon                      : Yellow
Specific gravity (20oC)                                   : 0.90
Nonvolatite (%)                                              : 16% by weight
Flash Point                                                      : 7oC
Pot life                                                            : 8 hours at 30oC after mixing
Application method                                         : Air spray, airless spray, brush
Coverage theoretical                                       : 0.06 lt/m2 (brush)
Covreage practical                                          : 0.08 lt/m2 (airless spray)
Recommended Dry Film Thickness                 : 7 micron
Drying Time (30oC)
        Set to touch                                            : 2 minutes
        Dry hard                                                 : 3 minutes
Interval before overcoating (30 oC)                 : Min. 1 hour, Max 24 hours
Dilution Ratio                                                  : 5 - 10% (Brush)
                                                                        0 - 5 % (Airless Spray)
Dilution Thinner                                               : Vinilex Active Primer Thinner
Surface Preparation                                         : For galvanized iron sheets use solvent cleaning

Supplied in separate container as base and catalyst
Standard Packing: 1 lt, 5 lt, 20 lt

Mixing Ratio:
Base: Catalyst = 4 : 1 by volume

Other Application: