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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

How to remove adhesive from your hand

Remove Adhesive that is Sticked to

Remove Superglue, Power glue or locktite and many other similar adhesive with many trade mark.
Super glue or Power glue is a glue that made from cyanoacrylate this glue is an organic compound that is made from cyanoacetic acide that is slight soluble in water, using hot water this glue can be removed more easy but not very easy. You must a little bit patient to remove it from your hand don’t hurry and don’t worry, if you using water this glue will not hurt your hand. If this glue is splash to critical organs such as the eye, you must wash your eyes with flowing water immediately after that you directly go to doctor for further treatment.

Many trade mark of plastic adhesive in the market like Power Glue, Super Glue or Locktite
Plastic Adhesive

Remove Steel Glue

Steel glue usually made from compound of epoxy adhesive that is mixed with hardener. The type of hardener can vary depend on the application use. If you look to your big book on chemical engineering book you will not find a chemical name epoxy. Epoxy resin are fundamentally polyesters, but retain their name on the basis of their starting material and the presence of epoxide groups in the polymer before crosslinking. Epoxy resin adhesive is chemicals resistance and also electrical resistance so it will depend on how you mixed with hardener they will how easy to remove. If you make a perfect solution the result will be a very good compound that very hard to remove. So if this glue is stick to your hand better use water immediately to make the mixture is not perfect so that easy to remove from your hand. Epoxy resin adhesive also cure by the availability of acid so to remove better using base formula like Lime. Use lime solution and try to rub to your hand smoothly.

Steel glue is adhesive use for steel materials
Steel Glue

Remove PVC glue

To remove plastic glue from your hand is only use water. But this glue is not soluble in water. Water only neutralize the chemical effect to your hand because sometimes people have allergy to certain chemicals. Warm water may more better to remove this glue from your hand. To remove PVC glue from PVC pipe that already stick to, is try use hot water. Dipped PVC pipe into the hot water for few minutes and after hot effect have equally to the inside of pipe, try to disconnect the joint. More hot the water more easily to disconnect the joint but if you boiled that PVC pipe, may can be broke the pipe.

PVC glue is adhesive use for plastic like paralon etc.
PVC Glue

Remove Glass Glue from your hand

Glass glue usually use silicone glue, that silicone glue is a glue that use non polar solution to make the solution. Use non polar solvent to remove this glue from your hand. Alcohol is semi non polar solvent but the most safe for your body, tinner also non polar solvent this can remove glass glue from your hand also from the glass itself, and the next solvent is acetone that more non polar compare to alcohol. Acetone can remove many kind of adhesives. Be careful use acetone to remove adhesive from your hand. Pour acetone on a cloth and wipe your hand gently.

Remove adhesive from your hand better use cloth
Remove Adhesive

many kind of adhesive product in the market
Many Kind Adhesive