Saturday, July 1, 2017

3M Adhesives

3M Adhesives Product

3m adhesives is waterbase adhesive, this adhesive is high strength adhesive. This adhesive have benefits such as have good bonding strength and long bonding range, post formable and has good heat resistance. This adhesive has good bonding in plastics, plastic laminate, wood, plywood, wood veneer, and canvas. For adhesive that I already use, alcohol solvent is good to make adhesive dilute and your can spray it to paper or other material to use adhesive. Alcohol base adhesive .....

Commonly use adhesive tape to make note on the table
3M Adhesive Tape

3M Formula Adhesive

To see what the formula of this adhesive can see on the MSDS of this adhesive, this information also can copy or try for you as long as use for how to safety handing and safety application.

Weld Neoprene High performance Water Base Contact Adhesive:

Water                                                        30 – 60 %
Polychloroprene                                        25 – 50 %
Rosin, polymer with phenol                       5 – 10%
Glycerol Ester of Hydrogenated Rosin       5 – 10 %
Ethyl Alcohol                                              1 – 3 %
Xylene                                                         1 – 3 %
Zinc Oxyde                                                  1 – 2 %
Tall Oil Rosin                                               0.1 – 1 %
2,2-Methylenebis (6-ter-Buthyl-p-Cresol)   0.1 – 1 %
Ethylbenzene                                                0.1 – 1 %

Fast Bond Contact Adhesive:

Water                                                            40 – 50 %
Polychloroprene                                           25 – 50 %
Rosin, polymer with phenol                           5 – 10%
Glycerol Ester of Hydrogenated Rosin          5 – 10 %
Ethyl Alcohol                                               about 2 %
Ethyl Benzene                                              about 0.5 %
Xylene                                                            1 – 5 %
Zinc Oxyde                                                     1 – 5 %

3M Adhesive Use

3M adhesive use in many application like in sticker paper, in post it paper, and like in envelope, also can use in plastic as glue when the cover is open. 3M adhesive also use in metal sign that can be stick when the cover is opened.

We can just buy this adhesive in adhesive shop normally in paper and stationary shop or in printing shop. Because of this adhesive is use volatile dilution usually use alcohol, this adhesive should be keep in closed can. For fast work use this adhesive can dilute in alcohol then sprayed in paper or other material, but the spray tool should be cleaned perfectly after use, because if dry this adhesive difficult to be cleaned. For cleaning usually dip in alcohol for several minutes and then rinse several time with alcohol too.

On application like on the envelope cover usually after gluing with this adhesive then covered with glassine paper, this paper is not stick with this glue and after dry can be loose but with good properties in the paper sticky and can directly stick to the envelope body.

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