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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Many Application of 3M Adhesive

We may know that 3M adhesive just produce adhesive tape for stationary but actually 3M adhesive for many application have produced. The different of each product applied for, such as the quality of tape, the stand to heat and stand to air exposure or water exposure. Each of product is purposed to certain application and you better don’t use for other applied.

These are of some 3M adhesive application examples, I don’t write it all because 3M adhesive product too much to write here.

3M adhesive tape for Automotive use:
3M adhesive for lubricant sealant

3M adhesive for Electrical Circuit use:
3M adhesive for corrosive protection

adhesive for electrical circuit

Tape dimension: 745 mm x 55 mm

Beside consumer product, 3M also produce other kind adhesive for industrial purpose such as follows:

resin ribbon

Pressure sensitive adhesive