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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Remove 3M Adhesive Double Sided

How to remove 3M Adhesive Double Sided that still attached

3M adhesive double sided tape is a temporary adhesive that sometime use for emergency purpose to stick thing temporary. The problem come when we take out that goods, adhesive tape still stick to the goods or to other thing because this tape is double sided glue. Sometimes we use knife to remove the tape rest on the glass surface, wall or plastic surface, but this not always work well. After we rubbed this adhesive by knife, glue still remain stick on the surface and to make really clean sometime must be rubbed again with water using cloth.

3M Product Alternative:

If you use thinner or gasoline, sometime this dissolving agent can make damage of the surface that 3M adhesive attached. if the material of adhesive attached can react with thinner or gasoline. To make remove very clean actually we back again to what this adhesive formulation. 3M adhesive tape double sided is a sticker product, sticker glue solvent usually use alcohol, so double sided tape also use alcohol on their formula. So to remove the rest of double tape adhesive better use alcohol because this adhesive can dilute on alcohol. You can try with alcohol that usually use for antiseptic that always sold in pharmacy shop. If still not working well you can use alcohol 90 percent that easily to vapor.

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