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Sunday, October 15, 2017

The strongest Steel Adhesive

We often use steel adhesive not just for steel but also for other goods, such as for plastic and other purpose. Steel glue is different with UF glue that commonly for wood adhesive. For plastic also have either type of glue you can use power-glue or super-glue. If you use glue that is not designed for certain goods, the result will not satisfied. The best steel glue is not just the strongest stick to the plate but also must stick faster. Some steel adhesive too long dry, I have used this and waiting for dried, this too long to dry. I have waiting for 2 hours but still wet and finally let it until tomorrow. A pity when I check it again after 12 hours this glue still wet. This is not good steel adhesive. If you go to Supermarket, you will meet many trade mark of steel glue available there but you must be careful because not of all steel glue have good quality.

Steel glue is an expoxy adhesive
Steel Glue
One of steel glue that already test the quality and strong is Dextone. Dextone is one of Epoxy Adhesive type. This glue already use for patching up the fuel tank of my truck, and already two years still in good condition, whereas previously already tried by welding, and can’t work. I don’t discredited other trade mark but this steel glue already use by many people and usually they have good comment about this product. This steel glue just need to dry after 1 to 2 hours, it is depend on your mixing between glue and hardener.

On this steel glue have two kind of chemicals that usually keep in tube, one have black package and the second is in white color package. I usually mixed fifty fifty, half for black paste and half for white paste. It depend on your needed how much you need the glue will use. After you mixed both paste and as soon as you use this mixing, because the left will hardened fastly, and you can’t use this.