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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Water Base Adhesive

A water base adhesive is mixed with water, but a better adhesive won't to dilute in the water anymore after the mixture being dried. It's mean that the mixture of water base adhesive already cured. Curing reaction on the adhesive usually a function of temperature and time. Longer the adhesive been applied, adhesive mixture will become cured and can't be dilute again in the water. 

Some water base adhesive already patented but some of them don't extend anymore, because of many reason, such as no other company or people want buy the patent, or because that kind of adhesive formula already civilized so become the social patent, do not need to buy to formulate that mixture. The list of water base adhesive as on the picture below:

 Adhesive formulations are blends of aqueous polymer dispersions and a hydrophobic plasticizer. The blended dispersed polymers include at least one hard sulfonated polyester urethane, at least one soft non-sulfonated polyester urethane, and at least one polar non-polyurethane water-based polymer or copolymer. A high molecular weight elastomeric non-sulfonated polyurethane polymer and a crosslinker are optional further components in the blend. The formulations are useful as non-heat activating, one-component adhesives which generate excellent green strength, water and heat resistant bonds.