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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Many kind of Adhesive Tape Product

Acrylic Foam adhesive Tape 30 cm with jumbo roll.
You can buy this adhesive tape from supplier with minimum quantity 100 rolls. Use for printing masking and cover of other uses.

 Jumbo Roll Adhesive Tape.
For this jumbo roll adhesive you can buy minimum 10 roll per order. There are many color option of this jumbo roll adhesive, there is white or yellow.

Aluminum Foil Tape Adhesive
This tape adhesive use aluminum foil with acrylic or hot melt adhesion, reinforced. For this kind of adhesive tape you can order with minimum quantity 10000 pieces.

The most familiar trade mark of this adhesive is 3 M adhesive, 3M Adhesive Transfer Tape this is big roll tape so you can order only two pcs. The price $ 1400 per pcs.